Winter is an exceptionally delightful time of the year in Scotland. Nature shrouded in snow and frost changes its appearance and creates a magical aura. The days are not as cold here as I remember from my childhood in Poland. Although, it does not mean that after a long winter walk, I do not want to go back to my warm home. Looking at the frozen branches of trees, the white autumn leaves, and feeling the chill wind on my cheeks, I always have on my mind that very soon spring will come and a new cycle of life will start anew.

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This time of the year is an opportunity for me to stop for a while. It’s the time when I indulge myself in nostalgia and dreams, but I’m also focused on my passions, without which I cannot imagine my life. I can calm down, think more, and explore myself. The recent events in the world, which touch our souls and hearts, make me appreciate even more all of the moments that I can spend in my man’s arms. I love those moments together when we are sitting in front of the fireplace, hiding under a warm blanket in our favorite woolen socks, and sipping a cup of hot cocoa. It’s my asylum, which makes me feel safe.

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Changes, changes, changesโ€ฆ

“Passion will lead people beyond themselves, beyond their faults, beyond their failures.” Joseph Campbell – this quote perfectly reflects my last dilemmas and motivates me through further development. The road to dreams and fulfillment is not always easy, as I have found out many times – also recently. Unfortunately, my newly opened business didn’t work out, and it made me lose my rhythm and willingness to act. Winter evenings spent by the fireplace, the aroma of cocoa with sweet marshmallows, and the company of my irreplaceable companions – cats Gaia and Kora made me get up and move again with good energy and a whole lot of ideas!

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In plans, I have many projects related to what I love the most, like handicrafts. This sad failure means to me right now that I finally gained the will and, most importantly, the time to do what I love and what I want to develop in! Now I know that “even the most bizarre, most modest passion is something very, very precious,” as Stephen King said – and since my life is directing me towards it, I’m not going to argue with it ๐Ÿ˜‰. I’ll tell you more about the details soon! I will only reveal that one of the projects will be a new collection of pillows, for which I have already found fabulously colorful materials – for now, I invite you to my collection of hand-colored Indian pillows.

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Passion – what would I do without it?

Speaking of passionโ€ฆ Don’t you think that every one of us should have (at least) one? “Passion is your joy, it is the essence of who you are.” – Jackie St. Onge put it right โ€ฆ Lack of passion in life makes life meaningless, bland, and a man becomes dead inside – loses his own identity.

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Life doesn’t always go our way. However, I have the impression that if I didn’t have this love for beauty, craftsmanship, photography, nature, my two cats, and that I approach each activity with passion and commitment, my existence would not be worth much. A natural call and following my heart and passion makes my life beautiful and complete. Failures and difficulties are crucial elements in the pursuit of fulfillment. They, combined with passion, strengthen us and make us appreciate more what life brings us. After all, our path, including the often difficult choices, directs us where we belong.

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I believe that at this difficult time, our passion for the beauty of life, mutual respect, and love for another human being will allow us all to survive, ending the terror of war and destruction.


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