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Each season has its unique charm. In my eyes – the spring is the one that brings a breeze of the new into our life. It is a breath of freshness and changes in nature, breathtaking scents, and optimism that comes in handy in these twisted times.

Paradoxically,the storm and turbulence of changes in my life coincided with the first days of spring, which in Scotland is already in full swing!
Despite the windy weather, nature awakening to life, singing birds, and young buds sparkling with a riot of hues encourage you to want to go for a walk! You want to move somewhere to the bosom of nature and enjoy the greenery and the abundance of spring flowers in the forest nooks and crannies!


I love these trips to delightful places touched by the magic of spring! And nothing makes me feel so positive than absorbing vitamin D directly from the sun’s rays, meadows full of colors that tempt me to braid wreaths, and longer, warmer days.

All these little things give me hope and faith that it will get better despite the obstacles.


Back to the roots…

I am so happy in spring when I see the first blooming buds appear in the orchards and announce a real feast! As a big lover of cherries and everything related to them – after all, the name Cherry Bay did not come out of anywhere – seeing blooming fruit trees, I only think about the delicacies that I’m going to eat very soon. It makes me look forward to sunny summer, which is very special this year.

After a long break, I’ve finally planned a trip to my hometown in Poland, where I would like to take a breakfrom my worries and see my beloved parents, whom I miss so much.

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I have been dreaming of visiting my home and going back to my roots for a long time. I want to recharge my batteries with positive vibrations, see the charming corners of my home region and reset myself a bit. At the end of summer, I have a very ambitious challenge ahead. I want to start a new project, which is very demanding but also very important to me and has been waiting for fulfillment for too much time. But! Hush, hush for now! When the time is right, I will certainly share it with you!


Bead madness!

Browsing the wonders of my shop, you have probably noticed that I love beautiful, handmade jewelry. I’ve been creating it myself for some time now. It hooked me completely! My passion for handicrafts gives me a lot of satisfaction! I create bracelets,pendants, necklaces, and earrings but also decorations for homes, gardens, porches, or terraces. Many of my little creations are available on the site, but I promise there will be more!
Sometimes, I have the feeling that handicraft is like my “healthy” addiction. But then, my collection of colorful beads in various shapes and patterns is starting to spill out of my drawers! Nevertheless, as soon as I see any new came-ups, unusual forms of pebbles, or original details, I need to have all of them! I love the beauty of every detail and the cute elements with which I can create magical, exceptional, unique jewelry.


In the following posts, I will reveal some secrets of my passion – I will write about the types of beads I use, share my impressions from creating and help you choose the best tools to start the adventure with handmade jewelry. I hope that my small compendium for beginners will encourage some of you to have fun together! For now, I invite you to my shop, where real jewelry gems are constantly coming.

You’ll be delighted with many inspiring accessories for the summer, special occasions, and
everyday use – feel free to pick something for yourself or your loved ones!


Your Kamila

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