''Colors are the smiles of nature'' -Leigh Hunt

Welcome to my world of beauty and handicraft – Cherry Bay,
I’m Kamila Gardynik – the originator and founder of this magical place. The inspiration for it’s creation was my life and it’s adventurous story, which I would like to share with you.

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Let’s go to the beginningย 
I was born in the charming town of Opatรณw, Poland, where I lived with my parents for 25 years.
Along with graduation, however, I wanted a change, wish to find myself and my place on earth, to experience the adventure of my life. My fate directed me to Scotland, where I’ve started a new life in Edinburgh.
A spontaneous trip without specific plans, any savings or work, made the beginnings of my new road not easy. However, the first year allowed me to get used to the new space. Every day I discovered new places and beautiful corners of Scotland, constantly awakening my passion for photography. Many of the pictures taken by me and love, you may find in Cherry Bay!
My motto – the inspiration for creating became then the sentence: “on every walk in nature, a human receives much more than he looks for”. In Scotland, I found that this hides much more – the wild and fairy-tale mountain ranges of the Highlands, the hum of waterfalls, or the soothing glow of the lakes made nature give me all of itself in its purest form.
My new life on the Scottish land was not a bed of roses, I was distressed by a great longing for my loved ones and uncertainty about tomorrow. Despite the adversities, I did not give up. The everyday life I filled with work, study, new passions, and love.
Currently, I am a happy and fulfilled woman. I’m the owner of two lovely cats – Gaia and Cora, who are my most faithful friends, companions, and great joy. For fifteen years I have lived in the same city, which always delights me with its magical aura. It is a place that taught me perseverance, the pursuit of goals, and courage in fulfilling my dreams come true.
In addition to photography, which I constantly develop every day, I am a fan of creating beautiful interior designs, love art, and giving a new life to old furniture and antiques, I am interested in creating handicrafts and sewing. I love traveling, the close to nature, music, and good food. I also run my social media and blog, which I hope you will visit.
Cherry Bay is my colorful world, a dream come true. I hope that the unique items that you’ll discover in it, will become a great way to bring beauty, uniqueness, and magic to your everyday life and the life of your loved ones.
By creating an online store, I wanted to take on the next challenge – to devote myself to another adventure despite my fears. I think that when a man is afraid to do something, he knows that he’s alive, but when a man does not do anything just because he’s in fear, then he is dead.
I try to do what I love, slowly, step by step, I’m fulfilling myself and I love life.
I wish you the same …


Our photography works


Photography, in which I fell in love while visiting the magical Scottish corners is one of my beloved passions. I practically do not part with my camera – after all, who knows whether around the corner, among the breathtaking meadows, hills, and forests, nature awaits me in its unexpecting pose. I love taking pictures of people around me, whose beauty in any form delights me. Abstract and artful shots are very dear to my heart. My love for photography I can express in a quote from Elliott Erwitt:

โ€žTo me, photography is an art of observation. Itโ€™s about finding something interesting in an ordinary placeโ€ฆIโ€™ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.โ€œ

At Cherry Bay, you will find my color and black & white photography masterpieces. All of them you can choose from 3 sizes, with or without a frame. Enjoy.