“Fall is the second spring when every leaf is a flower” – this is a time of the year that means a lot for me, and this simple quote expresses it like no other. Why? You will learn everything below! Nevertheless, let’s start with an explanation for my absence.

It’s crazy how time flies when you fill your days with your passions and work. I didn’t even notice that it’s already autumn here! I’m so very sorry that I wasn’t on Cherry Bay for a while. I was a bit busy with my new project. I’ve started the production of sewing templates, designing and sewing clothes, and interior accessories. I am so excited about all this new initiative that I am developing with my partner. Currently, we are at the finish line of that big step. We also are finalizing the rental of our dream premises, and we are planning a great start. Keep your fingers crossed!

Let’s get back to Cherry Bay. I hope that now after such an intense time, I’m will finally catch a moment to respite. Also, I will be able to refocus both on the topic of the store and this blog. After all, I promised to share with you my passions and everything that is happening around me.

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Fall and new challenges it brings


Today’s post inspiration is autumn, a season that paradoxically means new beginnings for me. With her arrival, I started many of my passions. Furthermore, it was in October 16 years ago that I took my first steps on Scottish soil. It was a start of a new adventure in my life. The autumn weather is my call for action, especially in Edi – a place that I love as my home. This beautiful time of the year is phenomenal here, and it comes a bit later than in Poland.

For many people, autumn days are nostalgic, sad and make us feel only the passing of time. I believe that this period of the year is much more than that. “Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never seen them dance on a windy day.” – this simple sentence made me think. Thanks to it, I get the chance to discover that autumn is a crucial stage in the life cycle that can be beautiful and valuable.

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Of all the seasons, autumn is the one that gives man the most and asks for the least.


I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, autumn is the most inspiring season of the year. I love the trees that take on fall colors, beautiful mother Nature that starts preparation for the cold winter, the mountain paths shrouded in the autumn sun, or the fruits of nature showing as the culmination of summer work – each of these are a stimulus for me to create. I have the motivation to start to design new things, enjoy photography and play with the art. All those works from my fall inspirations I hope to show you soon on my blog. 

“How beautifully the leaves are aging. How full of light and color are their final days”. Autumn colors belong to my beloved ones. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, purples, and the last notes of green – their combination is an unusual phenomenon, and their color blends give me an extraordinary inspiration to create. One of its fruits is hand-embroidered scarves that I am pleased to present to you in Cherry Bay. The attention to the smallest detail, almost 2.5 weeks of work put into each of the unique shawls, makes them so special. Keep up with my shop arrivals – you’ll find here even more of their color variants soon.

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The colors of autumn leaves. Where do these incredible shades come from?


In autumn, I love to sit in a chair with hot tea, watching the picture outside the window change into a colorful view. This variegated inspiration made me curious. I wanted to know a bit more about the meaning of the colors that surround us now. Yellow, orange, brown, or red shades are so important in my life – their energy and warmth make them become a remedy for all the wrong things for me.

I have always been curious how come these fall colors are changing? How the lush green of leaves, our nature suddenly paints with a riot shades in the autumn season. I searched the science sources where I finally found my answer. Here’s what I discovered!

Green leaves owe their shade to chlorophyll, a component that, in combination with sunlight, allows the plant to produce oxygen and organic compounds necessary for its survival. Shorter and shorter days with less sun make the number of chlorophyll decrease, and the plants start to prepare for winter, which results in the colorful physics of autumn leaves. Apart from the chlorophyll, trees species has also other pigments that may finally show themselves in autumn.

Depending on the previous intensity of the green, the leaves turn yellow, orange, or brown with the help of carotenoids. They may change in various ways, and the amount of light, temperature, tree species and even soil pH play a significant role in this transformation. Shades of red appear due to anthocyanidins, which are responsible for protecting plants against frost. Pigments associated with individual plants may be a characteristic of their species, and those found in all of them may reveal themselves under the influence of external conditions. Two similar trees growing next to each other can therefore take on different autumn colors! Doesn’t that make nature a real artist?

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A few words about the meaning of autumn colors

I believe in a deeper meaning of everything that surrounds us. That’s why I attach great importance to what the individual colors symbolize. What do the autumn shades mean?

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Red – attractive and eye-catching


Carmine lipstick on the lips, sexy heels in a hot shade of red – these details are impossible to miss. Red is a color that makes your heart beat faster, arouses desire, but also signals danger. Autumn leaves in these colors attract attention and make you fall in love with them. This shade is very often associated with love and hate. It, therefore, represents blood and life for a reason and has been an attribute of kings for centuries. Intensive red expresses passion, dynamism, and even aggression. It gives us joy, stimulates the appetite, and encourages us to act impulsively – like during unplanned shopping. Girls, you probably know what I’m sayin’. You can love it or hate it, but one thing is sure – no shade affects us as intensely as red.

Yellow – optimism and youthful charm


The shades of yellow, depending on the intensity, can evoke very mixed feelings. Bright colors of yellow can be tiring and even make you cry. Their meaning may be very contradictory. Yellows can be associated with good or evil, optimism or jealousy, or understanding and betrayal. For me, yellow is an expression of creativity, and it stimulates my imagination. It is a color that promotes the development and gives energy. One of the meanings of yellow is also ‘masculine’ and is the color for kings in China. Autumn, together with the yellow color of the leaves, can therefore give us much joy, which deficiencies we can feel with shorter days.

Orange – the warmth of positive emotions


Orange shades, compared to aggressive red, are perceived more as gentle, friendly, and subdued. They are one of the favorite shades used in advertising for a reason. Orange colors have a good influence on our emotions, sense of taste, and well-being. Its tints are also a hidden message – it defines the transformation. Because of that, orange has become a significant symbol in Buddhism.

Brown – a mixture of red, yellow and black


Bronze is an eloquent and pleasant composition at the same time. Just like black, it gives a serious tone but also carries a lot of warmth. As the color of the earth and nature, the brown brings us great support, cheers up, and recharges with good energy. We enjoy chocolate so much for a reason. Brown is the perfect shade for everyone.

Which fall color is your favorite? I admit honestly – I love all of them!


/ Kamila

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